Products & Services

Viro Systems in Fairmont, West Virginia.  We are a full service company taking care of all your septic needs including septic tank pumping and cleaning.  While our primary service and products are aeration systems we also offer products for septic systems. To learn all about our products and services, contact us today.

Home Aeration Units and Aerators

We have three types available: Clearstream, Norweco and Jet. We are a licensed dealer for Clearstream systems and we install them as well. We also maintain a service distributorship with Norweco and can buy direct from Norweco thus eliminating the middle man and saving you money.  We have everything you need, including aerators, tanks, weir assemblies, hot water alarms, pretreatment tanks and more.

We are certified by the WV Health Department to service all brands of aeration systems installed in West Virginia as required.  We offer service contracts that include inspections as required by the WV DEP and respond promptly to alarm situations.

Septic System Supplies

Get everything from pretreatment tanks and effluent filters to septic tank risers and lifts. We also sell chemicals for septic systems such as Bio-Gem, which cuts down on grease and other chemicals. Our septic tank markers are metal, and you set on the tank to know where your septic lid is. Finally, we have septic tank drip irrigation pumps and lines. We also offer a septic tank truck hauler to pump your septic tank in our immediate service area.

Sewage Treatment Chemicals and Tablets

We have chlorine and declorination tablets for sewage treatment systems. The chlorine tablets will clean or disinfect the water and the declorination is used to remove the chlorine so it does not harm any fish or wildlife.

Access Risers and Lids for Septic Systems

We have access risers and lids so you can access the septic system at various heights depending on how big your system is. Also available are access risers and lids for a 16-inch diameter lid and up.

Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

We offer septic tank pumping and cleaning. Our truck is small enough to get into areas where the big guys can’t but large enough for all your residential needs. We will dig and uncover your tank when other companies won’t.